Sarcoma is the collective noun for different cancer types arising in the so-called mesenchymal tissues such as cartilage, bone, connective tissue, lymph vessels and blood vessels. Some of these tumors are also called soft tissue tumors. Over 70 different subtypes have been identified, making it one of the most diverse groups of cancer. This combination of rarity and heterogeneity poses a therapeutic problem.

At Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital, several researchers are joining forces to optimize sarcoma research. Within 'ConSaRGhent' (the Consortium for Sarcoma Research In Ghent, a sub-network within CRIG), the aim is to improve multidisciplinary research on sarcoma. A variety of both clinical and translational researchers that are specialized in different fields are part of the team. This collaboration will elevate our research with as most important aim to improve our understanding of sarcoma biology and outcomes in both human and veterinary patients. Read more about our joint efforts in sarcoma research on the ConSaRGhent webpage.