CRIG researchers are connected to a broad network of stakeholders to accelerate cancer research and to create added value.


The support from the Foundation Fournier-Majoie has been absolutely key to establish and start up CRIG. Kinderkankerfonds vzw not only provides support to children with cancer, but also supports cancer research projects that can benefit treatment of children with cancer, and has a strategic partnership with CRIG to support young-investigator proof-of-concept projects. Next, different research teams at CRIG also receive financial support from different foundations for cancer research projects.

International research institutes

Interaction with international research institues stimulates the exchange of knowledge, triggers collaboration and creates opportunities for cross-disciplinary projects.

In this context, CRIG has established an International Thematic Network (ITN; funded by UGent) on 'Precision oncology, Immuno-Oncology and Modeling in Cancer', called ‘PrIOMiC’. The aim of the PrIOMiC network is to strengthen CRIG’s international collaborative network with experts from renowned cancer research institutes on these themes. Through this network, we aim to promote excellent research, education & societal impact. On the long term, the ITN network will enable CRIG to extend its international network and build long-term partnerships. Read more...

CRIG industrial partners

Through close collaboration between academic groups and industrial partners and exchange of expertise on both sides, CRIG aims to stimulate new developments in the field of cancer research and facilitate multidisciplinary innovative projects and their progression to market access and patients.
Through the CRIG network, we aim to bring academic and industrial expertise closer together and create opportunities for fruitful collaborations.

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