or via bank transfer on 'Fondsenwerving UGent'
IBAN: BE26 3900 9658 0329 with reference “CRIG”
(for donations >40 EUR, you recuperate 45% via your tax return)

Tessa Kerre met patiënt

Our researchers are dedicated to better understand, treat and cure cancer.


With your help, we can support promising and pioneering research to develop new and better treatments against cancer faster. We do this by stimulating talented researchers, by joining forces across expertise domains and institutions, and by sharing knowledge and new discoveries with other researchers and society. Each contribution is very welcome and will be deployed by a multidisciplinary committee of expert cancer researchers in the fight against cancer. Everybody can support us: individuals, organizations, and companies.

Below, you can find how you can support cancer research at CRIG. If you wish to donate for the care and support of patients, or for a specific department, tumor work group or the project of a specific clinician associated with Ghent University Hospital, this is possible via Kankerfonds UZ Gent via this link.


Via a simple donation

  • You can directly donate to CRIG online via this link (Bancontact, VISA, Mastercard)
  • You can donate to CRIG by transfer on bank account of "Fondsenwerving UGent" - IBAN: BE26 3900 9658 0329 (BIC: BBRUBEBB) with reference “CRIG”.

When donating 40 EUR or more, you are entitled to receive a certificate for tax reduction. For example, when you donate 100 EUR, you recuperate 45 EUR from your donation via your Belgian tax return.

Via your legacy

Including CRIG in your testament can make a world of difference. It allows you to join us in pushing boundaries, even when you are no longer around. As of July 1, 2021, Ghent University is no longer required to pay inheritance tax, therefore 100% of (the part of) your legacy will go to research. Our colleagues of Ghent University Fundraising are happy to give you advice on drawing up your testament. If you have any questions about the new regulations concerning ‘duo-legaten’, it is also best to contact them by e-mail ( or by telephone  (09 264 33 88).  Via them, you can also request a brochure with inspiring stories from testators and researchers.  

Via a present

Are you celebrating your birthday, a jubilee, a birth or retirement? A successful cancer treatment? You believe that you have already received so much in your life that a gift is not really necessary, but friends and family still want to give something? You could ask them to donate to CRIG. For the generous contributor it will be fulfilling as well to give you such a present and support cancer research.

Also for less pleasant occasions such as a funeral it can be a beautiful tribute to support a piece of pioneering cancer research. Do you wish to support in this way? Please contact Ghent University Fondsenwerving (via or 09 264 83 31). You will be gladly and quickly helped with the practical details.

Via your time or network

Do you organize an event for the benefit of cancer research? A concert or a fundraising dinner, a running or bicycle tour? An evening for your network relations? These initiatives are indispensable. Ghent University Fondsenwerving is glad to listen to your ideas (via or 09 264 83 31). Or they can inspire you with options which you did not even consider.

Or maybe you know people. In turn, they know lots of people. And in this way, you might help us to meet that one person with a heart for cancer research.

Via our vzw 'CRIG-fonds'

End of 2018, the vzw CRIG-fonds was founded as an extra vehicle to raise funds for cancer research at Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital. This vzw enables us to participate in initiatives such as ‘De Warmste Week’, ‘Week van het Goede Doel’, ‘’ …

During ‘De Warmste Week’ of 2019, no less than 50 actions were organized for vzw CRIG-fonds, raising 69 851 euro for CRIG cancer research! Will you think of us as well next time?



Where does your support go to?

We would like to stress that all proceeds from actions and gifts to CRIG go entirely to cancer research.  For example, each year, we financially support around 10 young researchers to start up a promising innovative cancer research project.
Because we believe it is important to show what type of research is conducted with your support, we make short movies with the CRIG grant laureates (since 2020). In these short educational movies, they introduce their research project in clear language. You can watch all these movies on our CRIG @ the movies page.

Do you prefer to support a specific type or area of research? This is also possible. Please contact us, and we will look for the best solution together!

Thank you for thinking of us!




bram de wilde 3

Read how pediatric oncologist Prof. Bram De Wilde can do research thanks to donations to CRIG - read more 

dries interview

Watch the testimonial of Dries, former cancer researcher at CRIG and ex-patient himself - watch the short movie




Dr. Pieter Rondou – CRIG Coordinator
Dr. Eva De Smedt – CRIG Project & Communication Manager
09/332 24 53

Ghent University Fundraising
09/264 83 31