Congratulations to the CRIG researchers that obtained a 2022 PhD fellowship at FWO


FWO Vlaanderen published the results of the PhD fellowships fundamental research and strategic basic research 2022 (link to the FWO web page)
A high number of CRIG researchers have obtained a fellowship to start their promising (cancer) research projects!

Obtained a fundamental research fellowship:

Obtained a strategic basic research fellowship (SBO):

For several FWO candidates, CRIG organized test defences with experts in cancer research as jury (including members of the CRIG steering committee and other voluntary principal investigators and postdocs). This pilot project was launched in 2020 and since it is evaluated positively by the candidates and the jury, CRIG will repeat (and expand) this initiative and plans to organize test defences for the next FWO calls as well.

Congratulations to all awarded CRIG researchers, and we wish them good luck with their promising research projects!