prof. Nico Callewaert (PhD)

CRIG group leader
Nico Callewaert

Group leader, Medical Biotechnology Unit, VIB-UGent
Department director, VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology
Member of the management committee, VIB
Full professor in biochemistry and biotechnology (Faculty of Sciences, UGent)


Research focus

At the Medical Biotechnology lab we are developing glycomics and glycoproteomics-based biomarker assays for use in the diagnosis and targeting of cancer. Our most advanced marker is GlycoCirrhoTest, which is a blood serum marker that allows to diagnose the premalign proliferative activity of hepatocytes in cirrhosis as soon as it occurs. This is the most important risk factor for hepatocellular carcinoma and identifies those patients that should be closely monitored for this highly prevalent cancer, which is expected to lead to earlier detection and more chance on curative treatment.
More recent project are targeted at innovations in early detection of cancer-associated alterations in circulating free tumor DNA and in immunotherapy.
We also bring deep expertise in the protein biopharmaceutical area to CRIG.

Expertise to offer

The team of prof. Nico Callewaert has ample expertise in

  • Protein production in mammalian cells (read more via the intranet)
  • FEMTO Pulse Automated Pulsed-Field CE instrument (read more via the intranet)
  • Sugar analysis - glycomics (DSA-FACE) (read more via the intranet)
  • Protein production in yeast (read more via the intranet)
  • Recombinant DNA techniques for synthetic biology (read more via the intranet)

and is willing to share this expertise as a service or in collaborations with academic and industrial partners

Research team

  • dr. Nele Vervaet (PhD) - scientific coordinator
  • dr. Katrien Claes (PhD) - staff scientist
  • dr. Nele Festjens (PhD) - staff scientist
  • dr. Leander Meuris (PhD) - staff scientist
  • dr. Wim Nerinckx (PhD) - staff scientist
  • dr. Andries De Koker (PhD) - postdoctoral fellow
  • dr. Hendrik Grootaert (PhD) - postdoctoral fellow
  • dr. Loes van Schie (PhD) - postdoctoral fellow
  • dr. Jasper Zuallaert (PhD) - postdoctoral fellow
  • dr. Elien De Bousser (PhD) - postdoctoral fellow
  • Wannes Weyts - doctoral fellow
  • Hannah Eeckhaut - doctoral fellow
  • Marie Goossens - doctoral fellow
  • Charlotte Roels - doctoral fellow
  • Berre Van Moer - doctoral fellow
  • Justine Naessens - doctoral fellow
  • Laure De Pryck - doctoral fellow
  • Annelies Van Hecke - technician
  • Sandrine Vanmarcke - technician
  • Elise Wyseure - technician
  • Evelyn Plets - staff employee
  • read more


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