Lotte Cornelli

CRIG member
Lotte Cornelli

Doctoral fellow – Lab of Translational Onco-genomics and Bio-informatics (TOBI), Center for Medical Genetics (UGent)
Principal investigator: prof. Katleen De Preter (PhD) 


Research focus

Neuroblastoma is a pediatric cancer that is challenging to treat and often shows therapeutic resistance. Dynamic profiling of the tumor has the potential to improve treatment strategies. Current characterization methods are based on tissue biopsies, which are invasive and can hold significant risks of tumor rupture and damage to surrounding tissues. Alternatively, the tumor entity can be analyzed via liquid biopsies, where information is extracted from fragmented tumor DNA in the blood. Since liquid biopsies are obtained during a minimally invasive blood draw, it is possible to take repeated samples and apply this method in tumor follow-up during treatment and remission.
In the project I am working on, I aim to analyze tumor DNA from liquid biopsies to aid tumor profiling, study heterogeneity, and follow up on tumor recurrence.

Contact & links

  • Lab address:  VIB Center for Medical Biotechnology
    UGent Department of Biomolecular Medicine
    Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 75 - 9052 Gent – BELGIUM
  • TOBI lab 
  • Center for Medical Genetics Ghent
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