New CRIG steering committee for the next 3 years (until end 2025) elected


Recently, the new CRIG steering committee was elected and starts its activities from this moment for the next 3 years (until end 2025)!

In the CRIG consortium agreement - established in 2016 and signed by the involved institutions UGent, UZ Gent and VIB – the guidelines for an operational CRIG are formalized. It stipulates that steering committee elections must be organized every 3 years. To follow up the two previous steering committees (2016-2019, 2019-2022), a new CRIG steering committee was recently elected and has started its activities! The steering committee consists of 8 elected CRIG group leaders from different faculties of UGent and representatives from UZ Gent and VIB-UGent, ensuring the multidisciplinary character of CRIG:

(*) We welcome the new steering committee members prof. Karim Vermaelen, prof. Steven Goossens, prof. Kris Vleminckx, prof. Koen Raemdonck and prof. Geert van Loo. They will respectively replace former steering committee members prof. Lieve Brochez, prof. Olivier De Wever, prof. Geert Berx, prof. Katrien Remaut and prof. Peter Vandenabeele. Importantly, the former steering committee members will further actively support CRIG and several of its ongoing projects and activities.

The CRIG steering committee is responsible for the strategic decisions to ensure the realization of CRIG’s mission and objectives (in close collaboration with the operational committee), and has a mandate for 3 years. A new chairman will be elected among the steering committee members soon. We look forward to an inspiring and fruitful collaboration with the new CRIG steering committee!


Picture of the new CRIG steering committee: Prof. Kris Vleminckx, Prof. Karim Vermaelen, Prof. Katleen De Preter, Prof. Steven Goossens, Prof. Wim Ceelen, Prof. Geert van Loo & Prof. Koen Raemdonck. Unfortunately, Prof. Evelyne Meyer was not present when the picture was taken.