prof. Peter Vandenabeele (PhD)

CRIG group leader
Peter Vandenabeele

Senior full professor (Faculty of Sciences, UGent)
Head of the Molecular Signaling and Cell Death Unit (VIB Inflammation Research Center, UGent  Department of Biomedical Molecular Biology)
Member of the CRIG Steering Committee


Research team

  • Prof. Wim Declercq - Associate professor
  • Prof. Mathieu Bertrand - Associate professor
  • Dr. Nozomi Takahashi - Senior postdoctoral fellow
  • Dr. Tom Vanden Berghe -  Senior postdoctoral fellow
  • Dr. Sandy Adjemian - postdoctoral fellow
  • Teodoro Oltean - doctoral fellow


Contact & links

prof. Vandenabeele is interested to receive invitations for talks or presentations