'Kom op tegen Kanker' awards 2023 for CRIG (and Kankercentrum) research projects


Kom op tegen Kanker invests in promising cancer research projects and innovative care initiatives, which increase survival rates and improve the quality of life of (ex-)patients. Read more (in Dutch) on the website of Kom op tegen Kanker, or see the photos of the award ceremony on 22 Jan 2024.

Congratulations to all CRIG researchers (from UGent and UZ Gent) that were awarded in 2023, for more than 1.7 million EUR in total!

Biomedical research projects

  • Prof. Kaat Durinck - 'Preclinical evaluation of synergistic drug combinations with CDK12 controlled DNA damage signaling as potential therapy for high-risk neuroblastoma' (548 000 EUR)
  • Prof. Steven Goossens - 'Inhibition of the amino acid stress response in malignant triple negative breast cancers' (596 550 EUR)
  • Prof. Tim Lammens (and co-promotors Prof. Hilde de Rooster & Prof. Steven Goossens) - 'Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of an improved asparaginase in dog models: final preparation for Phase I clinical trial' (520 455 EUR). Prof. Lammens also received the 'Jean-Jacques Cassiman' award during the 'Kom op tegen Kanker' award ceremony on 22 January 2024  

Psychosocial research projects

  • Dr. Eva Pape - 'Sexuality and cancer in Flanders: consensus on the criteria for good practice' (58 645 EUR)

Emmanuel Van der Schueren grants (starting & finishing grants for doctoral researchers)

  • Carolien Van Damme (promotor: Prof. Kaat Durinck & co-promotor Prof. Sven Eyckerman) - 'The role of GJC1 in replicative stress resistance in MYCN driven neuroblastoma' (47 500 EUR)
  • Eleni Staessens (promotor: Prof. Karolien De Bosscher) - 'Study of novel bivalent ligands targeting glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptor heterodimers: towards an improved glucocorticoid-based therapy for multiple myeloma' (47 500 EUR)