ION (Immuno-Oncology Network)



Cancer immunotherapy has made spectacular inroads into patient care during the last few years. This is further demonstrated by the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, which is awarded to James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation (read more via this link).

Ghent University Hospital hosts a growing expertise in treating patients with immunotherapy throughout several clinical departments. However there is still room for research to better understand mechanisms of action, better identify responders, and better predict toxicity. Meanwhile, Ghent University hosts an increasing number of research units performing cutting edge preclinical work on tumor immunology and immunotherapy.

The major aim of the Immuno-Oncology Network Ghent is to map and connect this growing clinical and preclinical expertise, and position Ghent as a major player in this increasingly competitive domain. Specific goals are to:

  • catalyze collaborations between labs and clinicians by matching exisiting cutting-edge core technological platforms on one hand, and access to precious clinical samples on the other
  • provide a live, web-accessible database of our clinical trials portfolio involving immunotherapeutical compounds
  • establish a multidisciplinary physician task force for the rapid management of immunotherapy-related side-effects
  • educate the healthcare community in the region with respect to immunotherapy indications, and increase awareness for immune-related toxicity
  • position Ghent as an attractive partner for industry-academia collaborations in the field of cancer immunotherapy



The ION steering committee consists of following researchers:

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Soon, a link will be available to an external website for more information on clinician-driven research activities, to consult our database of clinical trials and the adverse events management guidelines, in addition to an agenda of news and upcoming activities in immune-oncology.

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