Research projects from CRIG teams funded by FWO (results 2023)


FWO Vlaanderen published the results of the application round 2023 for research projects (‘junior’, ‘senior’, 'SBO', 'TBM' and ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’). An overview of all funded projects in 2023 can be found on the website of FWO via this link

Congratulations to all CRIG researchers (from UGent, UZ Gent and VIB-UGent) that were awarded for an oncology-related project:


  • Prof. Marthe De Boevre (& Dr. Tess Goessens, Dr. Josep Rupert and Dr. Sopie Van Welden) - 'MYCOLON - A mechanistic approach to map the interplay of mycotoxins and intestinal epithelium with regard to the risk of colorectal cancer ' (481 600 EUR)
  • Prof. Bram De Wilde - 'Evaluation of AURKA degradation as a new form of precision oncology for rhabdomyosarcoma' (580 000 EUR)
  • Prof. Kaat Durinck - 'Synergistic drug interactions with CDK12 controlled DNA damage response signaling as potential therapy for high-risk neuroblastoma' (580 000 EUR)
  • Prof. Charlotte Scott - 'Investigating a protective role for Kupffer cells in obesity-induced hepatocellular carcinoma (ProteKCt)' (580 000 EUR)


  • Prof. Bruno De Geest (& Dr. Benoit Louage) - 'DEXTRACs: Targeted degradation of extracellular proteins through multivalent positioning of protein and lysosomal transport receptor ligands on dextrans' (576 000 EUR)
  • Prof. Nathalie De Geyter - 'Plasma-treated hydrogels as a new selective therapy for head and neck cancer' (407 500 EUR for UGent + 552 800 EUR for UHasselt partner)
  • Prof. Esther Hoste (& Prof. Phillip Blondeel) - 'Exploiting adipocytes in regeneration' (421 400 EUR)
  • Prof. Panagiotis Ntziachristos - 'Characterization and therapeutic targeting of the function of the RNA-binding protein HNRNPC in T-cell leukemia' (580 000 EUR)

TBM (Toegepast Biomedisch onderzoek met een primair Maatschappelijke finaliteit)

  • Prof. David Tate (UZ Gent, 620 000 EUR) & Prof. Hans Van Vlierberghe (UGent, 229 000 EUR) - 'Optimising the Human Detection of Cancer within Colorectal Polyps with a Simple Clinical Algorithm'
  • prof. Karin Haustermans (KULeuven, 613 800 EUR), prof. Yolande Lievens (UGent, 236 000 EUR) - 'Towards cost-effective patient selection for proton therapy in thoracic cancers: a framework for continuously updating prediction models'

'Kom op tegen Kanker' research project

  • Prof. Sarah Willems & prof. Maité Verloigne & prof. Katrien Vanthomme (UGent, 196 476 EUR) & Dr. Koen Van Herck (Stichting Kankerregister, 76 000 EUR) - 'Identification and prevention of social inequalities in the follow-up of abnormal cervical screening results'