Kom op tegen Kanker movies featuring CRIG researchers


'Kom op tegen Kanker' is without doubt one of the most important funding channels for cancer research. Every year, they invest millions in promising cancer research projects in Flanders. To show all people who support 'Kom op tegen Kanker' (by organizing fundraisers, participating in their sportive events, via donations and legacies) where the raised money goes to, they regularly make movies (in Dutch) showcasing the projects they finance. Below, we started listing their movies featuring cancer research in Ghent.





CRIG researcher Jonas Steenbrugge presents his PhD project about a new and better animal model for breast cancer research.



The team of Prof. Liv Veldeman wants to reduce the side effects of radiotherapy for breast cancer patients by treating them in prone position.

Onderzoek in de kijker - Wim Ceelen

Vandaag tijdens #worldcancerresearchday legt prof. dr. Wim Ceelen je uit hoe er intensief gezocht wordt naar een behandeling tegen buikvlieskanker:

Posted by Kom op tegen Kanker on Monday, September 24, 2018




Together with his colleagues, oncological surgeon Prof. Wim Ceelen studies and optimizes Pressurized IntraPeritoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy (PIPAC) in the context of ovarian cancer.


Brothers and research professors Wim and Tom Vanden Berghe have found that the natural product Withaferin can 'rust away' certain brain cancer cells. Together with the lab of Prof. Pieter van Vlierberghe, they now want to test whether Withaferin is a promising therapeutic in other cancer types.


In a collaborative effort between pancreatic surgeons, oncologists, pathologists and more fundamental research profiles, CRIG researchers (a.o. Greet Wieme, Prof. Anne Hoorens, Dr. Aude Vanlander & Prof. Karen Geboes) try to develop a blood test for pancreatic cancer diagnosis and monitoring, to replace the painful, difficult and not always representative surgical biopsies.