CRIG research @ the movies

With more than 400 active researchers, it is clear that a lot of research is going on at CRIG, but what exactly are our researchers investigating? To show you this, we make educational movies about CRIG research on a regular basis.

Here, we present the different types of movies and forward you to the corresponding pages.

CRIG laureates explaining their research

Every year, around ten young postdoctoral researchers receive a CRIG young investigator proof-of-concept (YIPOC) grant to start a promising research project. From 2020 on, we (will) make educational movies with all of them to introduce their projects to you.


CRIG researchers featuring in outreach initiatives by partners

Both our three core institutes (Ghent University, Ghent University Hospital & VIB-UGent) as external partners such as 'Kom op tegen Kanker' regularly make movies showcasing (cancer) research in Ghent. Via the links below, you can discover their movies featuring CRIG researchers.

Furthermore, we also provide links to specific science communication initiatives CRIG researchers already participated in, such as 'Science Figured Out'. This initiative of Scriptie vzw (in collaboration with Ghent University) offers the opportunity to young researchers to present their work in 3-minute pitches after a science communication training.

Lastly, we also have a page grouping movies from various sources that do not fit in one of the other categories, but are at least as interesting!


Interviews with CRIG researchers about their recent publications

Since March 2020, we showcase recent articles by CRIG researchers in an interview format. For each interview, we have two parts:

  • 'Calling CRIG...': a scientific interview (in English) of about 10 min to reach other researchers
  • 'Bellen met CRIG...': a more general interview (in Dutch) of about 3 min to reach all interested CRIG followers

Discover them below!


Special occasions movies

Sometimes, partners or collaborators specifically ask us to make movies about our research. Via the links below, you can discover the movies made for specific occasions.



CRIG event aftermovies

CRIG organizes several networking and scientific events, for our researchers, industrial partners as well as the broad public. Via the links below, you can relive some of our events!