CRIG grant laureates 2020



Every year, CRIG awards about ten research grants for young postdoctoral researchers to initiate potentially high-risk and innovative cancer research projects (partially supported by vzw Kinderkankerfonds). Since these grants are financed for a large part by donations and actions, we find it important to be transparent and to show where the funding goes to. Therefore, we make short educational movies about the research projects of the CRIG laureates. Check out this page regularly to discover new movies!



Dr. Eric de Bony, postdoctoral researcher in the lab of prof. Pieter Mestdagh, investigates 'nature's neglected genes' and their importance in cancer immunotherapy.



Dr. Bieke Decaesteker, postdoctoral researcher in the lab of prof. Frank Speleman, looks for new therapeutic options to treat the children's cancer neuroblastoma.



Dr. Martijn Risseeuw, postdoctoral researcher in the lab of prof. Serge Van Calenbergh, develops new drugs to treat leukemia with fewer side effects.



Dr. Rein Verbeke, postdoctoral researcher in the lab of prof. Stefaan De Smedt, wants to develop an RNA vaccine that will boost our own immune system to eliminate cancer cells.



Dr. Ioanna Petta, postdoctoral researcher in the lab of prof. Lars Vereecke, studies the importance of the gut microbiome in colorectal cancer development and therapy.


Dr. Bram De Laere, postdoctoral researcher in the lab of prof. Piet Ost, wants to investigate a potential new biomarker that might guide treatment for metastasized prostate cancer.


In this movie, Dr. Francis Combes (lab of Prof. Niek Sanders) explains how he tries to accomplish cancer-cell specific delivery and activation of RNA-based drugs. And why that is important.


Dr. Nora Sundahl is a clinician and researcher at the Department of Radiation Oncology and Experimental Cancer Research. Together with her colleagues in the team of Prof. Piet Ost, Nora investigates how the gut microbiome can protect patients against intestinal complaints due to radiation therapy.


In this movie, Dr. Sarah Deville of the Lab for Experimental Cancer Research (teams of Prof. Olivier De Wever & Prof. An Hendrix) explains her research project on the isolation and use of extracellular vesicles for (breast) cancer diagnosis and therapy guidance.