Calling CRIG...


CRIG’s mission is to bring researchers together to accelerate cancer research. The impact of the coronacrisis on this mission is huge, as is its impact on our professional and personal lives. Networking events and scientific symposia for researchers have been cancelled, as well as all outreach activities.

Therefore, also at CRIG, we try to find some new ways of communicating. As an example, we will try to bring recent research to the whole CRIG network by showcasing recent publications of CRIG researchers in an interview format. At least once per month, we will upload a new interview here.

Each interview has two parts, one of +- 10 minutes targeted at our own researchers and a smaller part of +-3 minutes made for all CRIG followers.

Here we list the longer interviews. The shorter ones can be found on the 'Bellen met CRIG' page. 




In this first interview, Ruben Van Paemel tells about the promises and challenges of liquid biopsies in pediatric cancer.

Article info:

'The Pitfalls and Promise of Liquid Biopsies for Diagnosing and Treating Solid Tumors in Children: A Review' - Van Paemel et al, European Journal of Pediatrics (Feb 2020)
View the article on Pubmed via this link



Bert Dhondt talks about the added value of extracellular vesicles in urine for prostate cancer diagnosis, and the amount of perseverance and teamwork it took to get this far.  

Article info:

'Unravelling the proteomic landscape of extracellular vesicles in prostate cancer by density-based fractionation of urine' - Dhondt B et al, Journal of Extracellular Vesicles (March 2020)
View the article on Pubmed via this link.


Calling Annelies Coene about the use of magnetic nanoparticles in cancer diagnosis & therapy.


Calling Elien De Bousser about T cell glycosylation and implications for cancer immunotherapy.


Calling Hilde De Rooster about the value of dogs with spontaneous cancer for clinical studies.