CRIG movies for Levensloop 2019


Upon request by the Foundation against Cancer, we brought some science to the 'Relay for Life (Levensloop)' event in Ghent (27-28 April 2019), to show to the visitors and teams of the event where the money for cancer research goes to. We decided to make short (2-3 minutes) movies in which CRIG researchers explain their work in layman's terms (in Dutch). Here, you can watch them all.



PROSURF of bestraling voor borstkankerpatiënten 2.0

Max Schoepen is engineer and works as doctoral researcher in the team of prof. Liv Veldeman. In this movie, he presents the breast board, which the team developed for breast cancer radiotherapy in prone position.


Cirkelvormig RNA in de strijd tegen kanker

Eva Hulstaert, Pieter-Jan Volders and Marieke Vromman conduct research into the role of circular RNA in cancer. Why should we care? Check out the movie and find out!


De ene wekedelentumor is de andere niet

Suzanne Fischer of the Lab for Experimental Cancer Research implants tumour pieces of patients in mice to model their cancer and find the most optimal treatment. Why? Suzanne explains! 


Over cavia's en asperges. En wat die met kanker te maken hebben.

The lab of Prof. Pieter Van Vlierberghe performs research on different leukemia types. In one of their projects, they investigate whether guinea pig asparaginase is a valuable alternative for the bacterial asparaginase used in the clinic today.


Hobbit voor verlengde ademhalingsstop bij borstkankerpatiënten

Hans Van Hulle is part of the breast cancer radiotherapy team of Prof. Liv Veldeman. He explains why they train patients to hold their breath during radiotherapy.


In zebravisjes op zoek naar scherpschutters

Kaat Durinck is a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Prof. Frank Speleman. She uses little zebrafish to find new therapeutic options with less side effects for childeren diagnosed with the aggressive cancer neuroblastoma.




Waarom niet-coderend RNA wél belangrijk is in kanker

Shanna Dewaele, Eric de Bony de Lavergne & Fien Gysens investigate the role of non-coding RNA in cancer. Why should we look at non-coding stuff? Listen up!




Als we kanker gewoon eens zouden laten roesten

Prof. Tom Vanden Berghe and his postdoctoral researcher Behrouz Hassannia investigate whether it's possible to let cancer cells 'rust' away.