prof. Katrien Vandecasteele (MD, PhD)

CRIG member

Radiation Oncologist - dept. of radiotherapy - UZ Gent
clinican, principal investigator
50%  mandate for translational en fundamental research - Foundation against Cancer
Professor - dept. of radiotherapy and experimental medicine - Ugent -  (PI: prof. Wilfried De Neve)


Research focus

Our team focuses on clinical research in gynaecological cancers, with a strong focus on the multidisciplinary approach of a patient through the establishment of the  GYPON  (Gynaecologisch Pelvien Oncologisch Netwerk). The GYPON is a firm base to perform multidisciplinary based research and the reliability of this group has been proven in the previous and still ongoing multidisciplinary and multi-centric trials. As primary goal we strive for reduced toxicity and a rise in outcome. We have implemented new technologies such as IMRT, SBRT, VMAT in the treatment of gynaecological tumors. We introduced the use of a simultaneously integrated boost and re-introduced surgery in the treatment of locally advanced cervical cancer. Multiple toxicity reducing trials are ongoing or being initiated focusing on radiation induced toxicity such as radiation enteritis, lymph oedema and pelvic insufficiency fractures.
Results of the clinical trials concerning cervical cancer have led a more basic and translational research towards a better understanding of radiation induced cell death and its effects on the tumoral environment and the patients’ immune system. For the latter, I collaborate with the VIB-UGent Inflammation Research Center. 


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