'Stichting tegen Kanker' awards 2023 for CRIG (and Kankercentrum) research & care projects


In 2023, 'Stichting tegen Kanker' (STK) did not award fundamental and translational/clinical cancer research projects, as this call is only organized every two years (in 2024, new research projects will be granted). However, 'Stichting tegen Kanker' organizes several other calls as well, and in 2023, many researchers from CRIG (and Kankercentrum UZ Gent) were awarded for different research and care projects. An overview of all projects funded by STK can be found via this link 


Postdoctoral mandates fundamental research 2023

Since 2019, STK supports full time postdoctoral mandates fundamental research, for a maximum of 4 years. In 2023, two CRIG postdoctoral researchers (of 12 laureates in total) were able to obtain such an important grant:

Postdoctoral mandates clinical research 2023

Via the clinical postdoctoral mandates, STK covers 50% of the salary of postdoctoral clinician-researchers to allow them to combine their clinical activities with research activities . In 2023, five new laureates were awarded, of which one from Ghent:

  • Dr. David Tate (dienst Maag-, Darm- en Leverziekten UZ Gent)

Cancer Prevention grants 2023

Since 2022, STK finances projects focusing on primary and secundary prevention, both research projects and operational projects. In 2023, STK awarded 10 projects in total, and one CRIG team obtained such a research project focusing on prevention:

  • Prof. Filip Van Nieuwerburgh - 'Defining circulating tumor DNA signatures in urine samples to improve prostate cancer screening and early stratification' (368.081 EUR; 4 years duration; read more)

Social Grants 2023

For over 10 years, STK finances 'Social Grants' to projects with a positive impact on the psychosocial well-being and quality of life of cancer patients and their relatives. Besides operational projects, recently also studies can be funded. Six of the projects in the latter 'studies' categories were funded in 2023, of which one project at UZ Gent:

  • 'The development and implementation of network-focused meetings as a psychosocial intervention patients with cancer and their parents' (49.500 EUR; read more)

Congratulations to all awarded researchers & teams!