dr. Zhiyao Ren (MD)

CRIG member
Zhiyao Ren

Doctoral fellow – Lab for Pediatric Hematology-Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation (UGent, UZGent)
Doctoral fellow (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UGent)
Principal investigator: prof. Tim Lammens (PhD) 


Research focus

Long non-coding RNAs are a class of non-coding RNAs and were recently shown to play a role in cancer development. Recently, our team has elucidated the lncRNA landscape of JMML and pediatric AML. Through in vitro experiments, we have shown - using antisense oligonucleotides for downregulation of lncRNA transcripts - that lncRNAs are therapeutic targets.  During my PhD project we aim to get solid in vivo evidence of the therapeutic value of targeting lncRNAs in JMML and AML. With these new treatment options, we aim to improve the survival rates, reduce the side effects of the treatments and improve the quality of life of children with JMML and AML.



  • 2022-present: PhD candidate in Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent University
  • 2019-2021: Master of Clinical Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University
  • 2014-2018: Bachelor of Clinical Medicine, Anhui Medical University

Key publications

  • 'Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Fibrinogen, Fibrinogen Degradation Products, and Lymphocyte/Monocyte Ratio in Patients With Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma'. Ear Nose Throat J, 2021. (PMID: 34672822)
  • 'KCNQ1OT1 affects cell proliferation, invasion, and migration through a miR-34a / Notch3 axis in breast cancer'. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int, 2022. (PMID: 34993814)
  • 'The lncRNA HOXA11-AS acts as a tumor promoter in breast cancer through regulation of the miR-125a-5p/TMPRSS4 axis'. J Gene Med, 2022. (PMID: 35106863)

Contact & links

  • Lab address: Laboratory for Pediatric Hematology-Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation, ingang 10 (route 1034), Ghent University Hospital, Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Ghent
  • PHO UZ Gent  
  • Zhiyao Ren is interested to receive invitations for talks or presentations