'TEARDRoP' consortium founded to help research find its way to improved treatments for children with cancer


With the support of the Olivia Hendrickx Research Fund, the ‘Team EARly DRug development in Paediatric oncology (TEARDRoP)’ consortium was founded. As the name indicates, this consortium was set up to support the translation of new research findings in the field of paediatric oncology to new therapeutic options, making science find its way to children in need of new and better treatments.

In specific, the consortium will help bridge the gap between basic and clinical research through stimulating close collaborations and supporting biobanking efforts. The access to patient material via this biobanking effort is crucial for the translation of (basic) research findings to the clinic, and is of utmost importance for the development and selection of the best fit treatment for each patient, the focus of personalized medicine.

Thanks to the support of the Olivia Fund, former CRIG researcher Dr. Ir. Liselot Mus could be appointed as coordinator of this consortium, under the direct supervision of paediatric oncologist Prof. Dr. Bram De Wilde (UZ Gent, CRIG) and of Prof. Dr. Catherine Van Der Straeten, head of the Health, innovation and research institute  (HIRUZ) of UZ Gent.

To ensure all (Belgian) patients benefit from the initiative, the TEARDRoP consortium has a close partnership with the ‘Belgian Society of Pediatric Haematology Oncology (BSPHO)’, an organization that has been supporting academic research into children’s cancer for years.  

On the 28th of June, the consortium was officially launched by Mrs. Ilse De Reze (chair of the Olivia Fund), Prof. Dr. Bram De Wilde and Dr. Ir. Liselot Mus.

As several CRIG teams work on paediatric oncology and are therefore directly involved in the ‘TEARDRoP’ consortium, this initiative is also a strong boost for our CRIG research.


Download the TEARDRoP poster  for a comprehensive visualization of the TEARDRoP initiative.

reference: 'TEARDRoP - innovative framing Paediatric biobanking for early drug development in pediatric oncology'
Sustainable biobanking in a pediatric oncological clinical setting can only work when embedded in routine practices.
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