Prof. Esther Hoste receives prestigious Leo Foundation Award for her excellent work in skin (cancer) research


The LEO Foundation Award aims to advance our understanding and treatment of skin diseases by encouraging promising dermatology researchers, hoping to boost their future careers.

CRIG group leader Prof. Esther Hoste is such an excellent dermatology researcher, and already has an extensive track record in skin (cancer) research. More specifically, her ‘Keratinocyte Microenvironment Lab’ focuses on dissecting how intercellular crosstalk in the skin orchestrates inflammation, wound repair and tumor initiation.

End of September, Prof. Hoste received the award, accompanied by the following laudatory words of the Chief Scientific Officer at the LEO Foundation:

It is a pleasure to present this year’s LEO Foundation Award in Region EMEA to Esther Hoste, a distinguished and talented young skin scientist whose impact on the field of skin biology extends beyond her own research to the colleagues and students with whom she works with and trains. These very factors make Esther a star winner of the award, as she confidently and continuously paves the way for future discoveries within dermatology, aimed at improving the lives of people living with skin diseases.

Read more on the website of the LEO Foundation or in the VIB press release.