Prestigious Antoine Faes prize for CRIG research on pediatric cancer


The foundation Antoine Faes was founded in 1969 to financially support people in need. In 1980, the foundation decided to further award a triennial ‘Antoine Faes’ prize to support biomedical research. For the period 2016-2018, an international jury selected the CRIG research on pediatric cancer by the teams of prof. Jo Vandesompele, prof. Katleen De Preter and prof. Pieter Mestdagh to receive this prestigious prize. Their project, entitled ‘A decade of research on precision oncology biomarkers for children with neuroblastoma’ compromised 6 landmark papers, 2 patent applications and 12 method papers and is a nice example of the teamwork we aim for at CRIG. More information on the foundation Antoine Faes can be found here (in Dutch).

On May 8, the laureates were awarded during an official ceremony in the presence of Princess Marie-Esméralda of Belgium.


Antoine Faes award