prof. Charles Van Praet (MD, PhD)

CRIG member
Charles Van Praet

Urologist - UZ Gent
Associate Professor - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UGent
Principal investigator: prof. Nicolaas Lumen (MD, PhD)


Research focus

Our overall goal is to improve diagnostics and treatments in urologic cancers.

  • Prostate cancer:
    - Role of cytoreductive prostatectomy in metastatic prostate cancer patients.
    - Role of PSMA PET-CT in staging of clinically localized prostate cancer and impact on therapeutic approach and outcome.
  • Kidney cancer:
    - Improving pre-operative planning for robot-assisted partial nephrectomy with 3D models including kidney perfusion. This may lead to safer surgery, more healthy tissue sparing and better patient outcomes. 


  • I am an oncologic urologic surgeon at UZ Gent. My clinical focus is diagnosis and treatment of urologic cancers and robotic surgery.
  • I graduated as a medical doctor in 2012 at Ghent University and started my training in Urology. I was trained at OLV Waregem, AZ Sint-Lucas Gent and UZ Gent. I took part in several national and international courses, mainly focusing on uro-oncology and robotic surgery.
  • In 2017 I presented my PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Nicolaas Lumen on “Evaluation of novel treatments in prostate cancer: concerning innovations in the field of minimal-invasive surgery, whole-pelvis radiotherapy and hormonal therapy with abiraterone acetate”.
  • In 2019 I finished my training in Urology and started working UZ Gent. Furthermore, I became a fellow of the European Board of Urology.
  • In 2022 I was as appointed as Professor Urologic Oncology at Ghent University.

Key publications

  • ‘Capillary electrophoresis of urinary prostate glycoproteins assists in the diagnosis of prostate cancer’. Electrophoresis, 2014. (PMID: 24254641)
  • ‘Urinary Prostate Protein Glycosylation Profiling as a Diagnostic Biomarker for Prostate Cancer’. Prostate,  2015. (PMID: 25358590)
  • ‘Release of urinary extracellular vesicles in prostate cancer is associated with altered urinary N-glycosylation profile’. Journal of Clinical Pathology, 2017. (PMID: 28360190)
  • ‘Androgen Receptor Gene Copy Number and Protein Expression in Treatment-Naïve Prostate Cancer’. Urologia Internationalis, 2017. (PMID: 28052297)
  • ‘Prognostic Features of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Following Primary Radical Prostatectomy’. Cancers, 2021. (PMID: 34885144)

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