dr. Arne Peirsman (MD)

CRIG member
Arne Peirsman

Doctoral fellow – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery / Laboratory of Experimental Cancer Research (LECR)/ Dpt. of Tissue Engineering – UZ Gent, UGent, Dpt. of Human Structure and Repair
Principal investigator: Prof. Olivier De Wever


Research focus

In the field of Tumor Engineering we are searching and applying techniques to create more relevant 3D tumor models. These models can be used for fundamental cancer research and drug testing, thanks to their in vivo-like characteristics. We make use of hydrogels and cancer cell seeding or encapsulation on/in these hydrogels. Moreover, the 3D Bioprinter can be used to make specially designed 3D tumor models.
I am currently focusing on breast cancer modeling, utilizing breast cancer cells and different hydrogels to create realistic in vitro breast cancer models.


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