prof. Tim De Meyer (PhD)

CRIG member
Tim De Meyer

Prof. Tim De Meyer (PhD)
Principal investigator - BIOBIX - FBW (UGent)
Associate professor (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, UGent) - chairman partner (Bioinformatics Institute Ghent)

Research focus

The core expertise of Tim De Meyer's group at the BIOBIX lab is the development and application of novel data-analytical methods for omics data. The current focus is the study of allele-specific effects in health (imprinting, eQTLs) and disease (loss of imprinting, allelic imbalance) using solely large-scale RNA-seq data, thereby increasing sensitivity and cost-efficiency. Additional cancer related topics include data analysis for high-througput protein-protein interaction screening, data visualization and integration and several biomarker oriented collaborations.

Research team

  • prof. Tim De Meyer - PI, associate professor
  • Cedric Stroobandt - doctoral fellow
  • Laure Van Steenbergen - doctoral fellow
  • Floris Voorthuijzen - doctoral fellow
  • Femke De Graeve - doctoral fellow
  • Louis Coussement - doctoral fellow
  • Muhammad Talal Amin - doctoral fellow
  • Jeroen Galle - bioinformatician

Key publications

  • Koch et al. MEXPRESS update 2019. NAR 2019.
  • Koch et al. Analysis of DNA methylation in cancer: location revisited. Nat Rev Clin Oncol 2018.
  • Goovaerts et al. A comprehensive overview of genomic imprinting in breast and its deregulation in cancer. Nat Commun 2018. 

Contact & links

  • BIOBIX - Coupure Links 653, 9000 Gent