prof. Herman Depypere (MD, PhD)

CRIG group leader
Herman Depypere

Professor - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Uro-gynaecology Ugent
Gynaecologist at Ghent University Hospital
President of the Belgian Menopause Society


Research focus

Professor Herman Depypere is a full-time member of the Department of Uro-gynaecology (Ghent University) and specializes in breast and menopause. In addition to a busy practice, he is strongly involved in fundamental research into the early detection of breast cancer. A large part of his research is also focused on the prevention of breast cancer. Another facet of his research focuses on optimizing life in the menopause.

With prof. Hampel of the Sorbonne University (Paris) a collaborative project is running on the influence of menopause on dementia and the potential protective effect of hormone treatment in menopausal women. This project in currently recruiting women for a prospective trial. During this trial we are also looking at nicturia, urinary incontinence, urine production in menopausal women with and without hormone use. This in collaboration with prof. Karel Everaert.

With Prof Jose Russo (Philadelphia, USA) and Prof Jaak Janssens (Hasselt, Belgium) a collaborative project, studies the influence of the administration of pregnancy hormone in the epigenetic changes in the DNA of breast cells. This is a potential strategy to reduce breast cancer with 50 %. 

With prof. Olivier Dewever we are studying the influence of glucose, insulin and hormones, and their interactions on breast cancer cells in long term in vitro cultures. 


Prof. dr. Herman Depypere is gynaecologist at Ghent University Hospital and received his education in Ghent (Belgium), Birmingham (UK), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Adelaide (Australia) and Lille (France). He completed his biomedical doctorate with the highest distinction in 1990 and received his aggregate higher education in 1994.
He is president of the Belgian Menopause Society and is a member of numerous foreign and Belgian scientific associations.
He is currently collaborates with prof. Hampel of the Sorbonne University (Paris) (dementia in menopause), prof. Karel Everaert (Ugent) (nictury, incontinence), Prof Jose Russo (Philadelphia, USA) and Prof Jaak Janssens (Hasselt, Belgium) (prevention of breast cancer through administration of pregnancy hormone), prof. Olivier Dewever (Ugent) (insulin and breast cancer). 

Research team

  • prof. Dr Jose Russo (USA)
  • Prof. Olivier Dewever (UGent)
  • Prof. Dr. Hannelore Denys (UGent)
  • Prof. Dr. Liv Veldeman (UGent)
  • Prof. Dr. Jaak Janssens (Hasselt)
  • Prof. Dr. Rudy Vandenbroecke (UGent)
  • Prof. Dr. Phillip Blondeel (UGent)

Key publications

  • Dollé L, Depypere HT, Bracke ME. Anti-invasive/anti-metastasis strategies: new roads, new tools and new hopes. Curr Cancer Drug Targets. 2006 Dec;6(8):729-51. 
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  • Herman Depypere (UGent) , A Pintiaux, J Desreux, M Hendrickx, P Neven, E Marchowicz, V Albert, V Leclercq, S Van den Branden and S Rozenberg. Coping with menopausal symptoms: an internet survey of Belgian postmenopausal women. Maturitas . 2016. 90. p.24-30.

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