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The NXTGNT team at the UGent NGS Core has stablished an Olink facility within their core operations, providing qPCR and NGS based proteomic analysis capabilities. This development introduces a suite of advanced Olink® assays, including Olink® Explore HT, Olink® Explore 3072, and Olink® Target 96 & 48, to their repertoire (including oncology panel). This integration represents a significant step forward in the core's ability to conduct comprehensive proteomic studies, offering a wide array of high-throughput and targeted protein biomarker analyses, crucial for advancing research in various biological and clinical fields.

Utilizing Olink® Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, this approach ensures highly specific detection of protein targets. Each target protein is recognized by a unique pair of oligonucleotide-linked antibodies, forming a distinct template for subsequent detection via qPCR (in Olink® Target 48 & 96) or Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). 

The Olink® panels are capable of measuring a wide range of protein concentrations, accommodating both normal and pathological sample conditions. This highly sensitive antibody-based technology excels in measuring low-concentration human plasma proteins, such as interleukins and hormones, down to picogram per milliliter levels. Additionally, the minimal volume requirement for body fluid samples makes this methodology ideal for challenging proteomics samples like plasma & serum, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine, tissue lysate, interstitial fluid/microdialysis, ocular fluids, saliva, synovial fluid, fine needle biopsies, and more …


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