Europe's first CAR-T production site approaches its final construction stage in Ghent


(based on the news item published by UGent on 23 June 2023)

The first European CAR-T production site, located at Ghent Tech Lane Science Park is currently in its final construction phase. This cutting-edge facility represents a significant milestone in the longstanding and solid collaboration between U(Z)Gent, Janssen Belgium, and Legend Biotech.

This milestone showcases the fruitful alliance between these renowned institutions and highlighted their shared commitment to revolutionizing cancer treatment. The partnership's core focus lies in advancing immune-oncology research and translating scientific breakthroughs into tangible therapeutics.

The forthcoming CAR-T production site is designed to operate under stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) conditions and equipped with state-of-the-art clean rooms, the facility will employ hundreds of talented professionals meticulously trained for their specific roles. This strategic investment not only drives talent development but also bolsters the regional economy.

At the heart of this endeavor is the shared commitment to advancing the field of immune-oncology. By combining the expertise of UGent, UZGent, and Janssen, the boundaries of innovation and improve patient outcomes in the battle against cancer are pushed.

Within CRIG, we are looking forward to numerous collaborations and projects with all partners that will further boost cancer research at CRIG and beyond!

CAR-T facility Ghent June 2023

A delegetion of UGent and Janssen is given a tour on the brand new CAR-T production site at Gent Tech Lane Science Park. From left to right: 

-    Werner Verbiest - Strategic Alliances Leader, Janssen
-    Gudrun Antoons – Coordinator GATE - Ghent advanced therapies and tissue engineering, Ghent University
-    Dieter Deforce - Professor laboratory of pharmaceutical biotechnology, Ghent University
-    Annelore Beterams – Project start-up lead operations CAR-T EMEA, Janssen
-    Bie Van de Vloet – Strategy execution lead CAR-T EMEA, Janssen
-    Johan Bil – Technology start-up Science park, Ghent University
-    Dominic De Groote – Business developer drug discovery and manufacturing, CRIG
-    Cristina Pintucci – Project manager business unit CRIG 
-    Jan Van der Goten - Head of Strategic Campus Office Beerse, Janssen