Call for traineeship projects for bioinformatics students at HoWest


Our partner institute HoWest organizes an advanced bachelor of bioinformatics - a one year programme (or two years via distance learning), with the purpose to convert wet-lab technicians into dry lab technicians. Briefly they are being taught skills in: Linux, web technologies, comparative genomics, databases, data analysis and visualization in R, structural bioinformatics, Python scripting, data mining, systems biology and high-throughput analysis.

The traineeship comprises 295 hours (~8 weeks full time) and starts from mid-April until mid-June 2021. During their traineeship, our advanced bachelor students need to have a research project, but do not have to write a bachelor thesis. They do however need to write an abstract about their project and present and defend it before a jury at the end of the traineeship. Of note, several CRIG teams have already guided students and cancer research projects in the past years.
If you are interested in supervising one or more HoWest students, you can register your project on the internship platform

Projects that are submitted early have higher chance of being selected (the students look for traineeship subjects in Nov-Dec).

If you have questions, please contact our HoWest contact at CRIG, Paco Hulpiau (