Jan Pieter Vanwelkenhuyzen

CRIG member
Jan Pieter Vanwelkenhuyzen

Doctoral Fellow - Lab for applied bioinformatics (UGent)
Principal investigators: prof. Piet Ost (MD, PhD) and prof. Katleen De Preter (PhD)


Research focus

At this point in time most of the research in prostate cancer is focused on two clinical extremes. On the one hand low risk localized prostate cancer (early disease stage, also seen as ‘curable’ prostate cancer) and on the other hand castrate resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). 
The research will mainly be focused on 2 different states between these extremes, high-risk localized- and hormone sensitive prostate cancer. In the current scientific climate researchers are investigating different levels of –omics (epigenomics, genomics and transcriptomics) data to fully comprehend the workings of a cancer. Following recent advancements it is possible to investigate these levels of data in blood samples taken from a patient. Supporting a possible easy translational follow up of patients, which eliminate the need of tumor biopsies.
My research will utilize multiomics data integration to provide a comprehensive profile of both disease states in tissue as well as in blood samples of patients. Eventually the research will focus on identifying new prognostic biomarkers that could have a clinical impact in the future. 


Jan Vanwelkenhuyzen obtained a Master of Science  in molecular and cellular biomedical research (in 2017) at the University of Antwerp. His dissertation was focused on extracellular vesicles in plasma samples of CRPC patients. This project sparked his interest in the utility of liquid biopsy for biomarker research. 
In 2019 Jan Vanwelkenhuyzen had the opportunity to start a PhD fellowship at the Lab for applied bioinformatics, focusing on multi –omics profiling and data integration in prostate cancer. With the combination of his fundamental background and present bioinformatic environment he hopes to identify new biomarkers in the field of prostate cancer and liquid biopsies. 


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