dr. Bernard Majoie

dr. Bernard Majoie



Bernard MAJOIE (1939) is a pharmacist, holds a PhD in Pharmacology and has built the Rx business of a medium-sized pharmaceutical company. He started the research and development activities of the company from scratch and kept modernizing for 35 years, which led to a substantial business growth. The growth was mainly based on his innovative, collaborative and international way of thinking. When Bernard Majoie left the company in 2000, it had more than 4000 employees and a turnover of  650 million euros worldwide.

Now retired, Bernard Majoie actively helps young and small teams in the field of life sciences to avoid they make mistakes in their move from science to business. He does this either directly or through the Foundation Fournier-Majoie, which was created in Belgium in 2006 and which provides financial support and counselling to more than 10 different projects including three incorporated start-ups.

Preferred areas: growth strategy, collaboration, development planning, intellectual property policy, portfolio building, …


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