dr. Herlinde De Keersmaecker (PhD)

CRIG member
Herlinde De Keersmaecker

Daily operation manager - Centre for Advanced Light Microscopy at Ghent University
Principal investigator: prof. Kevin Braeckmans (PhD)


Research focus

The Centre for Advanced Light Microscopy at Ghent University is a university-wide core facility clustering expertise with both standard and specialized microscopes to support life science research located in Flanders, Belgium. We aim to provide high end instrumentation and expertise thereby making light microscopy accessible for researches independently of their experience level. We facilitate microscopy experiments to ensure high-quality scientific research where light microscopy plays an indispensable role. We  feature a broad gamma of light microscopy equipment from standard to custom build microscopes. On all instruments, we offer service measurements or access to the equipment to perform your own experiments. To ensure optimal use of our instrumentations, we provide one-to-one expert advice, training and full technical support. The instruments are accessible for users of all levels of experience. Besides training on the use of our instruments, we also commit to offer education in the form of a Specialist course.

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