Charlotte Kerstens

CRIG member
Charlotte Kerstens

Clinical psychologist – Cancer center (UZ Gent)
Principal Investigator: prof. Gwen Sys (MD, PhD) and An Lievrouw

Research focus

Research on the neurocognitive and neurodegenerative impact of cancer and its treatment. This to provide a clearer picture of the interaction between cancer and its treatment and the ageing process. This research could help to develop tools to identify those patients more at risk for accelerated ageing, neurodegeneration, or cognitive dysfunctions. By doing so treatment can be tailored to the risks and needs of the individual patient which minimizes treatment load and increases long term quality of life.

Key publications

  • ‘A systematic review on the potential acceleration of neurocognitive aging in older cancer survivors’. Cancers (Basel), 2023 . (PMID: 36831557)

Contact & links

  • Kankercentrum
  • Oncologisch Centrum UZ: a multidisciplinary team is involved in the treatment of cancer patients and provides services for patients, researchers (e.g. Oncolunch)