dr. Veronique T’Joen (PhD)

CRIG member
Veronique T’Joen

Health, innovation and research institute - Bioresource center Manager, UZG Tumorbank Manager, Health, innovation and research institute Quality Manager



Veronique is a member of the Translational Oncology Unit, which facilitates various aspects of oncology-related valorization, clinical trials and biobanking. She is involved in the storage and access to biobank samples from the UZG Tumor biobank. She acts as primary contact point for sample requests and for the setup of prospective oncology-related biobank collections on campus.


Veronique T’Joen has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, with a specialisation in stem cells, cryopreservation and tissue engineering. As Tumorbank manager, she oversees the daily general operations within the UZG Tumor biobank. She is responsible for the quality management system of the biobank and the correspondence with the Belgian Virtual Tumor biobank (BVT). She is trained as internal auditor for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 15189:2012 and the Flemish Biobank Quality norm.