External vacancy: Postdoc position on pediatric oncology in Bordeaux (BRIC)

The MIRCADE team (BRIC - BoRdeaux Institute of onCology) studies the biology of several solid tumors in children, including hepatoblastoma, glioma and Wilms’ tumor. The team is interested in the role played by certain signaling pathways, microRNAs and genes, especially those involved in lipid and energetic metabolism, beta-catenin stability and gene transcription. They are also working on drug repositioning and the development of new therapeutic approaches. We use many cell (cell culture in 2D or as spheroid) and animal models, including mouse, chicken embryo, Xenopus embryo and zebrafish. We are also developing projects to study the 3D architecture of tumor tissues.

Of note, BRIC and Ghent University (CRIG) are currently setting up collaboration on oncology in the frame of the Enlight program (in which both Ghent University and Bordeaux University are partner institutesà.

The MIRCADE team has a 3-year post-doctoral position immediately available  to work on a project in hepatoblastoma, the most frequent liver tumor in children.

For more information please contact Dr. Christophe Grosset, research director and head of the MIRCADE team (christophe.grosset@inserm.fr)