prof. Christophe Ampe (PhD)

CRIG group leader
Christophe Ampe

professor - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences  - Actin and Cell Migration Lab - UGent
member European Cytoskeletal Forum
member Ghent University MemCLip consortium 


Research focus

  • Investigation of actin-based cell migration and cancer cell invasion via protein-focused approaches
  • Expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology and imaging-based in vitro (preclinical) analysis
  • Development of software tools for image processing and for standardized quantitative analysis of cell migration
  • Fundamental research on actin regulation in disease (e.g. HIV, testin-family)
  • Improvement of drug treatments (e.g. hepatocellular carcinoma, use of bacterial peptides) 

Research team

Key publications

  • Time for rethinking the different B-actin transgenic mouse models?(2020)
  • Prevalence of cytoplasmic actin mutations in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and multiple myeloma : a functional assessment based on actin three-dimensional structures(2020)
  • Community standards for open cell migration data(2020)
  • A new evolutionary model for the vertebrate actin family including two novel groups(2019)
  • Analysis of invasion dynamics of matrix-embedded cells in a multisample format(2018) - Series: Methods in Molecular Biology
  • Combination of EGFR inhibitor lapatinib and MET inhibitor foretinib inhibits migration of triple negative breast cancer cell lines(2018)
  • Surveillance of myelodysplastic syndrome via migration analyses of blood neutrophils : a potential prognostic tool(2018)
  • An emerging link between LIM domain proteins and nuclear receptors(2018)
  • Concerted biophysical and biological evaluation of Pseudomonas lipopeptides as a premise to unlock their application potential(2018) - Volume: 24
  • An end-to-end software solution for the analysis of high-throughput single-cell migration data(2017)

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