The 4th CRIG industrial partnering event connected 130 innovators in cancer research from industry and academia

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Reliving the success of our event on Friday 6 October 2023, when we hosted the 4th CRIG Industrial Partnering Event at AuditoRium4 in Ghent, we are excited to share the highlights of an impactful gathering. With the participation of 53 delegates representing 32 life science companies and 77 academics, our event was a hub for networking and collaboration, uniting various stakeholders in the collective effort to advance the fight against cancer.

Bringing together researchers, clinicians, pharma and biotech companies, and other key players, the event served as a platform to showcase CRIG's expertise. Our overarching mission was to expedite progress and deliver superior outcomes for cancer patients.

The day commenced with a dynamic breakfast session and intensive brainstorms on opportunities and challenges in cancer diagnostics, exploring innovative approaches such as multiple biomarkers, liquid biopsies, and patient stratification. Additionally, the discussions extended to the complexities surrounding immuno-oncology therapy.

The event kicked off with the opening remarks by CRIG chairperson Prof. Katleen De Preter, creating an engaging atmosphere for knowledge exchange. Dr. Yunsi Olyslager, from Johnson’s & Johnson’s, our platinum sponsor, delivered an inspiring keynote speech, setting the tone for the day. Subsequently, CRIG and industry representatives took the stage during nine sessions, each featuring insightful pitches:
-    Meet a CRIG expert – Liquid biopsies & precision oncology;
-    Expertise & platforms;
-    Meet a CRIG expert – Clinical oncology;
-    Drug discovery & new therapies; 
-    Diagnostics;
-    Moving research towards the patients, a hospital perspective;
-    Immuno-oncology (2 sessions), and
-    Gold sponsorships sessions, dedicated to the 10 event’s gold sponsors.

With the support of 13 sponsors, the 4th CRIG industrial event not only fostered collaboration and knowledge-sharing but also provided a unique platform for companies to align with cutting-edge advancements in cancer research. 

Check here the program of the event.

The event in numbers:

  • 130 delegates
  • 43 different affiliations of which 32 companies
  • 72 CRIG members (clinicians, profs and postdoc level)
  • 15 sponsors
  • 3 keynote presentations
  • 8 sessions
  • 40 pitches presented
  • 3 breakfast table discussions


Join us in our ongoing commitment to drive innovation, accelerate results, and make a meaningful impact in the field of oncology.

CRIG Central point of contact:
Dr. Cristina Pintucci, CRIG project manager – business unit 487 78 70 45


Relive the event!

  • Discover the pictures via this link
  • Watch the aftermovie below!