High content analysis screening

Platforms & Expertise

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High-content analysis is a technology that implies multi-parameter imaging of (sub)populations, single cells and subcellular events that can be applied in a set-up that is compatible with high-throughput screening (HTS) and automation. The high-content screening (HCS) platform contains two imaging devices. The BD Pathway (BD Biosciences) is an inverted widefield HCS microscope that is used for assay development and low-throughput screening. The Operetta CLS (PerkinElmer) is a LED-based HCS microscope equipped with water immersion objectives and a spinning disk confocal unit. The Operetta CLS is integrated within an automated platform to screen compound and/or siRNA collections in medium- to high-throughput fashion. Both devices are set-up to run cell-based assays in a wide range of microplates (up to 384-well plates) in a range of imaging modes including fluorescence widefield, brightfield, digital phase contrast, live cell imaging and imaging of 3D model systems (organoids, small model oraganisms). A data analysis pipeline is available for automated image acquisition, data analysis and data visualization. 


VIB Screening Core and UGent Expertise Centre for Bio-assay Development and Screening (C-BIOS), VIB-UGent research building FSVM, Technologiepark 71, 9052 Gent


Responsible PI and contact: dr. Dominique Audenaert (VIB-UGent)