RBSM symposium on high-dimensional fluorescence-based microscopy

  • In September, an inter-university course/workshop (Sep 4-6) on quantitative fluorescence microscopy is organized in Antwerp. Topics include live cell imaging, molecular dynamics and high-content microscopy. This course is ideal for starting and more experienced PhD students and is also recognised by the doctoral schools. To ascertain personalised training, the maximum number of participants is limited to 20, so it’s a matter of being fast (first come, first serve)! All information can be found on the website.
  • The P2N course is adjoined by the annual RBSM symposium (Sep 7), which (in line with the course) will be focused on high-dimensional microscopy. An excellent line-up of internationally renowned speakers will provide an overview of cutting-edge approaches to extract quantitative information on biological processes from microscopy data sets.
  • View the flyer for the symposium, which is open to the broad audience.
  • Organizers: prof. Kevin Braeckmans (UGent, CRIG member), dr. Bob Asselbergh (UAntwerp), dr. Sebastian Munck (KUL) and prof. Winnok De Vos (UAntwerp)