Oncolunch december 2018 – with presentation from the Bioresource center Ghent

Oncolunch , organized by 'Het Kankercentrum'

  • UZ Gent – Ingang 32 (auditorium E)
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  • Program :
    Bioresource center Ghent: open service center for biobanking - V. T’Joen
        a. Overview of our services and support related to the Belgian law on biobanking
    2. Onco-biobanking at U(Z)G: current status and future perspectives
        a. Onco-biobank: overview of the tumorbiobank and new strategies with broad consent and OK-flow - V. T’Joen
        b. Virtual microscopy as a powerful tool to enhance your publications - E. Berneel
        c. Support by Health, innovation and research center - J. Tommelein
    3. Oncological sample quality: issues and best practices - E. Berneel
    4. Data management for projects in oncology (BIMS, REDCap, EPRO): best practices and solutions – L. Vaneeckhaute