fundraising event 'IO-STAR'

The CRIG research group 'Thoracic Tumor Immunology Laboratory', headed by Prof. Karim Vermaelen, is organizing a unique benefit evening on September 19 to raise money for IO-STAR.

IO-STAR stands for Immuno-Oncology patient Support Therapy and Research, and is a fund established with the aim of providing hope after immunotherapy against lung cancer. Unfortunately, in too many cases, immunotherapy suddenly stops working despite a very hopeful initial response. 

Hence, research under the banner of IO-STAR includes 2 major pillars: 

  • developing innovative treatments to "rekindle" an extinguished anti-cancer defense

  • using the latest technologies ("omics") to decipher why lung cancer becomes resistant to current immunotherapies

IO-STAR strives to optimally tailor these research efforts to the real needs of patients.
Experience an unforgettable gala evening at a beautiful location with top gastronomy and an impressive Big Band.

You can find all information & register for the event via the website!