CRIG walk 2022: stappen voor stappen in kankeronderzoek!

Together with our walking friends from Deinze, we are busy preparing the third edition of our family friendly walk to raise money for cancer research!

This time, we start in Olsene, but the general concept remains the same: several routes (5 km - 10 km - 11 km) that you can combine as you please, and a cosy and tasty wintermarket at our start/end location.

One novelty this year is a 'scientific tour' of 0,5 km through the little park at our start location, where participants can test their knowledge about cancer (research).

As this is both thé ideal teambuilding with your colleagues before the Christmas holidays, and an ideal sporty break with your family or friends before all the obliged family dinners, we assume we will welcome all of you there? 😊

All practical info & registration via