dr. Sara Neyt (PhD)

CRIG member
Sara Neyt

Scientific staff Core ARTH Infinity 
Principal investigator: prof. Christian Vanhove (PhD)

In the context of the opening of the new research building 'The Core' (UZ campus), the INFINITY Lab has recorded a video that gives an overview of some of their state-of-the-art imaging devices & their micro-irradiator for high-precision image-guided radiotherapy of laboratory animals:

Research focus

Focus: In vivo preclinical imaging. 
Preclinical imaging is a valuable tool in oncology research, offering insights that cannot be achieved through individual techniques alone. It enables fast and comprehensive visualization of pathologies and potential therapeutic effects in a longitudinal, non-invasive manner, aligning with the 3Rs principle (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement). This approach provides translational and quantitative 3D, and even 4D, results, allowing researchers to study the interactions between physiological and/or biochemical processes. Sara is currently working as scientific staff providing support for imaging studies (study design, study execution, data postprocessing, infrastructure maintenance) for oncology researchers and researchers working in other application fields such as neuroscience, inflammation research, hepatology, etc. 


Sara Neyt earned her PhD in pharmaceutical sciences in 2016, focusing on non-invasive liver function evaluation and quantification using preclinical SPECT-CT imaging. After completing her PhD, she joined MOLECUBES, a spin-off from Ghent University, where she initially served as Head of Application Support and later became Product Manager in 2021. During her time at MOLECUBES, Sara concentrated on training and supporting researchers in their preclinical imaging studies and translating customer needs into product developments. She has extensive experience in preclinical PET, SPECT, and CT study design, setup, execution, and data post-processing. In 2024, Sara returned to academia, joining Professor Dr. Christian Vanhove's team as scientific staff to support imaging research experiments.

Contact & links

  • Lab address: Core ARTH Infinity, The Core, entrance 37a, Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Gent
  • Infinity lab 
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  • Sara Neyt is involved in preclinical imaging (PET, SPECT, CT, optical imaging, ultrasound, MRI) and in vitro and in vivo radiotherapy services. Overview of infrastructure via this link
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