dr. Nora Sundahl (MD, PhD)

CRIG member
Nora Sundahl

Postdoctoral researcher - Department of Radiation Oncology and Experimental Cancer Research, UGent
Radiation Oncology resident - Department of Radiation Oncology and Experimental Cancer Research, UZ Gent and Academic Urology Unit, Royal Marsden Hospital, London. 

Principal investigator: prof. Piet Ost

Research focus

Immunotherapy has meant a breakthrough in several different tumor types, often leading to long-term responses and improved survival. Unfortunately, the majority of patients do not respond to this treatment. Therefore further research into treatments that will stimulate the anti-tumor immune response in these patients remains necessary.

Pre-clinical and early clinical data indicate that radiotherapy can work synergistically with immunotherapy by acting as an in-situ cancer vaccine. This could potentially lead to improved response rates and hence a longer survival in more patients, without the use of very toxic treatments. 

Our research aims at determining the immune effect of the combination treatment immunotherapy-radiotherapy on a clinical level. Furthermore, translational research will help to pick apart the molecular mechanisms by which this effect occurs. In turn, this can help in identifying new prognostic and predictive biomarkers. 


  • 2016-present: Radiation Oncologist in training at Ghent University
  • 2019-2020: Clinical Research Fellow at the Academic Urology Unit of the Royal Marsden Hospital, London.  
  • 2016-2019: PhD on the combination of Radiotherapy with Immunotherapy at Ghent University Hospital - First Prize Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences PhD award 
  • 2016: Master of Science in Medicine, Ghent University. Magna cum laude
  • Sept 2009: winner ‘European Youth Parliament Debates’,  Rome.

Key publications

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  • Randomized Phase 1 Trial of Pembrolizumab with Sequential Versus Concomitant Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma. Eur Urol (PMID 30665814)
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  • Pembrolizumab for the treatment of bladder cancer. Expert Rev Anticancer Ther, 2018. (PMID 29284318)
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