dr. Fleur Cordier (MD)

CRIG member

Doctoral Fellow, Department of Pathology, Ghent University Hospital
Pathology resident – Department of Pathology, University Hospital Ghent
Principal Investigators: prof. David Creytens (MD, PhD) and prof. Jo Van Dorpe (MD, PhD) 


Research focus

Since the introduction of new molecular techniques, the diagnostic landscape in surgical pathology has significantly expanded over the past years. The use of these novel molecular techniques has led to the identification of new genetic alterations, consequently providing a better understanding of tumor development, detection, and classification. It also plays a role in prognosis and the identification of targets for targeted therapy. As a result, molecular pathology has gained a more prominent role in everyday pathological practice. This project explores the key roles of molecular pathology in pathological, immunohistochemical, and molecular studies of tumor series.

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