Bert Boute

CRIG member
Dyson Award van Bert Boute

Doctoral fellow, Industrial Design Center, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Ghent University, Campus Kortrijk, Belgium
Department of Radiotherapy and Experimental Cancer Research, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent University, Belgium
Principal investigator: prof. Wilfried De Neve (MD, PhD)

Research focus

The currently available prone breast boards are suited for partial or whole breast irradiation (WBI) but not for lymph node irradiation (LNI) because the treatment couch blade and components of the breast board are in the entrance trajectories of favorable beam paths to the regional lymph nodes. Our aim is to develop a new crawl position device for prone breast and regional lymph node radiation therapy. The current prototypes show good patient comfort, stability and set-up precision while permitting beam directions with short pathlengths to breast and lymph nodes without traversing device parts. Planning results indicated that breast and regional lymph nodes can be treated in crawl position with less dose to organs-at-risk and equal or better dose distributions in the target volumes compared to supine position.


Bert Boute is an Industrial Engineer in Industrial Design who is researching on the development of a new patient support device for prone breast radiotherapy.