Vacancy: PhD student in cancer research @ OncoRNALab (CRIG - UGent)

The OncoRNALab has an open position for a PhD to strengthen the developments in the field of photo-electrochemical sensors for detection of nucleic acid-based cancer biomarkers within the interdisciplinary project SOCan. 

SOCan “A photo-electrochemical singlet oxygen-based platform for the rapid detection of a panel of cancer biomarkers in tissue and liquid biopsies” is a project involving six research groups (two at University of Antwerp, two at University of Ghent and two at University hospital of Antwerp). This interdisciplinary project houses seven PhD students and five postdoctoral researchers. The project aims to develop, optimize and validate a novel photo-electrochemical detection technology for a panel of nucleic acid cancer biomarkers. Hence, SOCan will pave the way for the construction of affordable, robust, and user-friendly platforms for healthcare applications, i.e. cancer diagnosis, follow-up and therapeutic management.

The overall goal of this PhD is the development of novel photo-electrochemical biosensors. Due to the integration of recognition bio-elements, electrochemical biosensors are ideally suited for the selective determination of a wide variety of clinically relevant targets such as biomarkers, pathogens, etc. The detection of the biomarkers of interest will be achieved by taking advantage of the cost-effectiveness and sensitive detection provided by photo-electrochemical strategies. This PhD will contribute to the efforts of further optimizing the detection sensitivity and specificity of the technology. The PhD student will work in close collaboration with the lab of prof. Annemieke Madder (University of Ghent), Prof. Karolien De Wael (University of Antwerp) and Prof. Senada Koljenović (University Hospital of Antwerp).