Vacancy: PhD student in cancer research @ Nico Callewaert lab (CRIG - UGent - VIB)

The Nico Callewaert lab at the Center for Medical Biotechnology (VIB-UGent) is looking for a PhD student to do research in development and exploitation of novel proteomics technology to hunt for novel immunotherapy targets on cancer cells.

Most of the targeted cancer immunotherapy modalities require the availability of a highly specific molecular target on the surface of the cancer cells or their immediate environment. There are unfortunately quite few such targets known, especially for carcinomas, severely hampering progress in the immunotherapy field. In our lab, we have obtained proof of concept for a completely new methodology to discover glycopeptides with cancer-associated structure, and directly quantify these on tumor vs. healthy tissues. In this Ph.D. project, the enzymatic/chemical sample preparation, mass spectrometrical proteomics, and bio-informatics aspects of this new discovery pipeline will be optimized and streamlined. Using this, we will engage in discovery of such new immunotherapy targets in a set of tumor entities where a high unmet need exists, in collaboration with clinical collaborators.