Tim Bomberna

CRIG member
Tim Bomberna

Doctoral fellow  - BioMMedA, Faculty of engineering and architecture, UGent
Principal investigators: prof. Patrick Segers (PhD) and prof. Charlotte Debbaut (PhD)


Research focus

The goal of the research is to optimize transarterial therapies for the treatment of liver cancer. During these transarterial therapies, damaging microspheres are injected in the hepatic arteries and steered towards the tumor. The goal is to maximize the damaging effect of the microspheres on the tumor tissue and minimize the offsite-toxicity delivered to the surrounding healthy tissue. However, a number of clinically variable parameters (injection location, injection velocity, particle type, etc.) can have a definite impact on the particle distribution and, by extent, the treatment outcome. By developing patient-specific computer models of blood flow and particle distribution in the arterial network of the liver, our aim is to determine the ideal set of clinical parameters which optimize the treatment outcome for each patient specifically. We aim to improve the current clinical standard for the execution of transarterial therapies and overcome the heterogenous response to these therapies. 


I received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Electromechanical Engineering in 2017 (UGent – with distinction) and the interuniversity degree of Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering in 2019 (UGent, VUB – with the greatest distinction).
As of September 2019, I am working as a PhD student within the BioMMedA research group (UGent).
In 2020, I joined the Youngster Committee of the National Committee of Biomedical Engineering (NCBME) and obtained a strategic basic research fellowship (SBO) at FWO.       
For my research, I have received 5 personal awards:

  • the ie-net 1st prize for ‘burgerlijk ingenieur’ (Edegem, 2019)
  • the Biomedical Industry Day 2nd Poster Award (Brussels, 2019)
  • the National Day of Biomedical Engineering 2nd Poster Award (Brussels, 2019)
  • the OncoDot Storm Pitch Award (2020)
  • FEARS Best Pitch Award (2022) 

In 2023, my first non-fiction book ‘De Medische Revolutie’ on medical technology was published (Lannoo Campus).

Contact & links

  • Lab address: IBiTech-BioMMedA, Department of Electronics and Information Systems (Ghent University), campus UZ Gent, C. Heymanslaan 10, The Core, ingang 37, 9000 Gent, Belgium
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