Samaneh Davoudi

CRIG member
Samaneh Davoudi

Doctoral fellow – IBiTech-BioMMedA research group, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture - UGent
Principal investigator: prof. An Ghysels (PhD)

Research focus

The main aim of my project is to predict the permeability rate of the permeants like drugs through a lipid-based carrier like liposome, using Molecular Dynamics simulation. To have an efficient drug delivery, the carrier should be able to deliver the drug to the specific binding site, where it can affect the toxic target. However, sometimes, due to the untimely drug release, this goal cannot be achieved. So, the rate in which the drug permeates through the liposome is important, as it affects its residence time inside the liposome.
The goal of my future research is to assess the effect of liposome’s structure and composition on the permeability rate, which will be calculated with different methods, as well as drug’s release-time at the atomic scale.


I received my Bachelor and Master degrees in Chemical Engineering in 2009 and 2012, respectively, at AmirKabir University of Tehran. During my Master, I worked on the Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation of the membrane and membrane-protein interaction with Gromacs. I joined BioMMeda research group at Ghent university (2019), with a focus on calculating the permeability rate in drug membrane interaction using MD simulation.

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